Presidents' Council

The Presidents’ Council is FPSE’s governing body between Annual General Meetings. The Council comprises the president of each FPSE member local, as well as the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Vice-Presidents, all of whom are elected at the AGM. Presidents’ Council interprets and implements FPSE policy, determines political and financial priorities, and ensures the rulings and directives of the Annual General Meeting are carried out.

2016/2017 Presidents' Council
Back row: Bill Deutch, Frank Cosco, Al Morrison, Sheree Ronaasen, Sean Parkinson, Duff Sutherland, Brent Calvert
Mid row: Bob Davis, Karen Shortt, Lynn Carter, Terri Van Steinburg, Leslie Molnar, Shirley Ackland, Joan Kaun, Tom Friedman
Front row: Kevin Drager, Sharon McIvor, Tim Walters, Erin Rozman, George Davison, Mark Salopek, Chris Jaeger


Executive CoMMITTEE

A six member Executive Committee assists the Presidents’ Council. The President and Secretary-Treasurer are elected annually at the AGM to work full-time on Federation of Post-Secondary Educators’ business for the coming year. The two Vice-Presidents are also elected annually at the AGM. In addition, two local presidents are selected from Presidents’ Council to sit on the Executive Committee as Members-at-Large.

FPSE Executive Committee 2016/2017
Back row: Frank Cosco, Tim Walters, George Davison, Leslie Molnar
Front row: Lynn Carter, Terri Van Steinburg