Leslie Molnar

Second Vice-President

Leslie Molnar is a faculty member at College of the Rockies, where she has taught mathematics and statistics since 1988.  She began working part-time, and was appointed to a regular faculty positon in 1995. Very soon after, Leslie received a notice of layoff.  Her union, CORFA, helped Leslie avoid this layoff and Leslie has been a union activist ever since. 

Leslie became a member of the CIEA PD Committee in 1998 and moved to Presidents’ Council the following year.  Leslie was President of CORFA from 1999 until 2001, and then again from 2011 until May of 2016.  Leslie has been a member of her local Executive, in one capacity or other, continuously since 1998.  She has also served on every FPSE standing committee, except Pension Advisory.

Over the past few years, Leslie has taken opportunities to become more involved with FPSE.  She was elected to the FPSE Executive as a Member at Large in 2012 and served in that capacity until she was elected Second Vice-President in 2015.  She sat on a joint committee arising from the Template Agreement in the 2012 round.  Leslie co-chaired the Negotiating Committee for the template table in the 2014 – 2019 round of bargaining.  She currently chairs the ABE Caucus and sits on many other FPSE subcommittees.  She is the Executive Liaison to the Professional Scholarly Development Committee and the Education Policy Committee.  She also sits as the Western Member-at-Large on NUCAUT.