FPSE's Contract Administration Review Committee brings Chief Stewards together to coordinate and learn how best to protect collective agreement rights. Local stewards with time release handle most grievances in the initial stages. FPSE regularly offers labour relations training to the Contract Administration Review Committee, to member locals, and as part of the leadership development workshops at our Spring Conference and Annual General Meeting. Labour relations courses are part of our Labour Relations and Public Policy Advocacy Certificate.

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Okanagan College Faculty Association
Rod Watkins

College of the Rockies Faculty Association
Andrea Hyde

Staff Rep

Monica Staff

Local Reps


Local 1

Capilano University Faculty Association
Michael Begg

Local 2

Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association
Musfiq Rahman

Local 3

Faculty Association of the College of New Caledonia
Melinda Worfolk

Local 4

Douglas College Faculty Association
Darin Nesbitt (Fall) /Kim Trainor (Spring) (Co-chair)

Local 5

Kwantlen Faculty Association
Diane Walsh 

Local 6

College of the Rockies Faculty Association
Andrea Hyde (Co-chair)

Local 7

University of the Fraser Valley Faculty & Staff Association
Pat McGurk (Faculty)/Margaret Nickelchok (Staff)

Local 8

Vancouver Island University Faculty Association
Clay Armstrong

Local 9

Okanagan College Faculty Association
Rod Watkins (Co-chair)

Local 10

Selkirk College Faculty Association
Rebecca Jacobson

Local 11

Academic Workers’ Union (Coast Mountain College)
Marja Burrows

Local 12

Camosun College Faculty Association
Peter Ove

Local 14

Langara Faculty Association
Alison Curtis

Local 15

Vancouver Community College Faculty Association 
John Demeulemeester

Local 16

North Island College Faculty Faculty Association 
Erin McConomy

Local 17

Thompson Rivers University Open University Faculty Association
Rocky Mizra

Local 19

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology Employees’ Association
Dale Calder

Local 21

Education and Training Employees' Association
Laura Martin

Local 22

Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Nick Conbere


FPSE Secretary-Treasurer
Sean Parkinson



The Contract Administration Review Committee works to improve the economic and professional welfare of the members of FPSE by facilitating the exchange of information on these matters among members and by providing assistance in the administration and enforcement of collective agreements (Constitution 2.2 and 2.10). It is recognized that collective action is necessary to maintain and improve the economic standing, professional rights, and working conditions of the members of FPSE.

In addition to those responsibilities and activities that may be directed to it by the Presidents’ Council or the AGM, this Committee will:

  1. Monitor developments in contract clauses and develop strategies to protect and enhance the interest of the members of FPSE.
  2. Develop and recommend to the Presidents’ Council a program of grievance and contract maintenance and education and evaluate its implementation.
  3. Facilitate the development of an effective system of contract administration by the locals.
  4. Examine and recommend to the Presidents’ Council collective action in support of the policy statements of this Committee.

Reporting: Reports regularly to the FPSE President and the Presidents’ Council.

Composition: The Contract Administration Review Committee is composed of one designated representative from each local. This representative shall be the Chairperson of the Grievance/Contract Administration Committee or Chief Steward from the local. The Non-Regular Faculty Committee may appoint one person to the Committee.

A member will be appointed by the Executive Committee, with voice but without vote, to act as liaison between the Standing Committee, the Executive, and Presidents' Council. 

Meetings: Meetings as required by the Committee to fulfill its responsibilities limited only by the funding allocated to the Committee.

Term of Appointment: Locals shall endeavour to elect or appoint representatives for a two year term.

Chairperson: The Committee shall elect a new Chairperson at the last meeting of the Committee held prior to the convening of the Annual General Meeting and Convention.

The Committee shall endeavour to elect a Chairperson who has served on the Committee a previous term as a local representative.

The Chairperson or designate shall have observer status at meetings of the Presidents’ Council with voice but no vote. The responsibility of the Chairperson includes attendance by the Chairperson or designate at the Presidents' Council meeting immediately subsequent to a meeting of the Committee or upon request of the FPSE President.

The Chairperson shall be a member of the Grievance and Arbitration Review Committee.

The Chairperson shall attend the Annual General Meeting and Convention. The Convention shall provide orientation and planning opportunities for Committee Chairpersons and facilitate their meeting as a group.

The duly elected Chairperson of the Committee must be the designated representative of a local to continue being Chairperson.

Observers: By invitation of the Chair.

Quorum: A majority of locals.

Voting: Positions adopted by consensus among designated representatives; otherwise by simple majority (By-Law #6).

Funds: As allocated in the annual budget.