Women and Gender Equity Committee

Although many gains in women's rights have been made over the decades, the struggle for gender equality in the workplace and in society at large is far from over. The Women and Gender Equity Committee (formerly Status of Women Committee) works on strategies for increasing diversity and achieving equality in our institutions and in our communities. FPSE representatives regularly receive training and skills-building workshops on human rights, diversity, and equity issues. Additionally, FPSE's Annual General Meeting offers participants an annual opportunity to explore current rights issues.


Mahtab Nazemi
(Local 02)

Staff Rep

Nicole Seguin

Local Reps  

Local 1

Capilano University Faculty Association
Maureen Bracewell

Local 2

Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association
Natalie Clark (co-representative) 
Mahtab Nazemi (co-representative) (Chair)

Local 3

Faculty Association of the College of New Caledonia
Brenda Koller

Local 4

Douglas College Faculty Association
Dorritta Fong

Local 5

Kwantlen Faculty Association
Cherylynn Bassani

Local 6

College of the Rockies Faculty Association
Jenny Gutzman

Local 7

University of the Fraser Valley Faculty & Staff Association
Lauren Couture

Local 8

Vancouver Island University Faculty Association
Melissa Stephens

Local 9

Okanagan College Faculty Association
Eva Gavaris

Local 10

Selkirk College Faculty Association
Leanne Reitan (co-representative)
Leesa Dean (co-representative)

Local 11

Academic Workers’ Union (Coast Mountain College)
Chris Carr

Local 12

Camosun College Faculty Association
Eva Silden

Local 14

Langara Faculty Association

Local 15

Vancouver Community College Faculty Association
Lynn Horvat

Local 16

North Island College Faculty Association
Caitlin Hartnett

Local 17

TRU Open University Faculty Association
Georgann Cope Watson

Local 19

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology Employees’ Association
Molly Toodlican

Local 21

Education & Training Employees' Association
Cathy Floe

Local 22

Emily Carr University of Art + Design Faculty Association
Ana Diab

Local 24

Quest University Faculty Union

Exec Liaison

FPSE Vice President 1
Christina Neigel

NRFC Liaison




The responsibilities of the Status of Women Committee of FPSE shall involve any activities which contribute to an improvement in the status of women within locals. Such activities should address both the current and future needs and interests of women in colleges and institutes in BC.

  1. Develop a general plan of activities for each upcoming year and present this plan to the Presidents’ Council.
  2. Encourage the establishment of Status of Women Committees within member unions.
  3. Organize and offer workshops and other forms of educational activities.
  4. In conjunction with other Standing Committees, ensure that all Convention workshops/ panels/ plenary activities reflect a recognition of the need for gender parity and are free of sexist content.
  5. Remain cognizant of initiatives through government relating to women.
  6. Work cooperatively, as appropriate and feasible, with other organizations and institutions involved in status of women-related activities.
  7. Maintain ongoing contact with each local’s Status of Women Committee.
  8. Act as an advocate for the rights of women in the college and institute system in BC.

Reporting: Reports regularly to the FPSE President and the Presidents’ Council.

Composition: Each local shall name a specific member as their designated representative to this Committee.

A member will be appointed by the Executive Committee, with voice but without vote, to act as liaison between the Standing Committee, the Executive, and Presidents' Council. 

The Non-Regular Faculty Committee may appoint one person to the Committee.

Term of Appointment: Locals shall endeavour to elect or appoint representatives for a two year term.

Chair: The Committee shall elect a new Chairperson at the last meeting of the Committee held prior to the convening of the Annual General Meeting and Convention.

The Committee shall endeavour to elect a Chairperson who has served on the Committee a previous term as local representatives.

The Chairperson or designate shall have observer status at meetings of the Presidents’ Council with voice but no vote. The responsibility of the Chairperson includes attendance by the Chairperson or designate at the Presidents’ Council meeting immediately subsequent to a meeting of the Committee or upon request of the FPSE President.

The Chairperson shall attend the Annual General Meeting and Convention. The Convention shall provide orientation and planning opportunities for Committee Chairpersons and facilitate their meeting as a group.

The duly elected Chairperson of the Committee must be the designated representative of a local to continue being Chairperson.

Meetings: Such meetings as are required to fulfill its responsibilities, limited only by the funding allocated to the Committee. The Committee may substitute or include a workshop or conference for a meeting.

Observers: By invitation of the Chair.

Quorum: A majority of those member locals that have appointed Status of Women Committee representatives.

Voting: Positions adopted by consensus among designated representatives; otherwise by simple majority of those voting. (By-Law #6.)

Funds: As allocated in the annual budget.