As a group of close to 10,000 individuals working in BC’s public universities, colleges, institutes and private institutions, our members are dedicated to transforming people’s lives through education. FPSE serves its members by handling grievances, through collective bargaining support for our member locals, and by advocating to further the interests of post-secondary educators in the province. 
Support For Our Members at Work
FPSE staff provide a range of services to our member locals, supporting individual members at the request of local presidents and stewards. If you are unable to find what you need on this website please contact us.
Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements & Bargaining

 A collective agreement is a contract negotiated between the employer and union that establishes wages and working conditions for all employees covered by the agreement. Find your local agreement here.
Pensions & Retirement

Pensions & Retirement

Most members of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators are members of the College Pension Plan. FPSE support staff in public institutions are members of the Municipal Pension Plan. You can access resources on pension plans and retirement planning here.

Grievances & Arbitration

Grievances & Arbitrations

Has your employer violated the terms of your collective agreement? Learn about how the grievance process works here.
Learning Union at Work

Learning Union @ Work

FPSE is committed to providing our members with opportunities to develop and strengthen skills in labour relations, bargaining, organizing, political action and communications. Find out more about our certificate program here.

Engage With Your Federation

Get Involved

Membership in FPSE is through a local faculty and staff association. The more involved our members become, the stronger our organizations are.  Learn how to get more involved in your local and our federation here.  FPSE Foundation Guide for members.