Individual members of FPSE locals can get a number of affiliate discounts on products and services.

Through FPSE's membership in CAUT, FPSE members are entitled to participate in CAUT's affinity programs (discounted rates) on: office products; MasterCard; mortgages; car rentals; home, auto & professional property insurance; life and personal insurance.

Through FPSE's association with CAUS (Canadian Association of Union Services), FPSE members may use the services of WE Travel.


Exchange Leaves and The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF) is a non-profit foundation that facilitates exchanges between both students and educators. While the majority of exchanges are within the K-12 system, FPSE has negotiated with the CEEF to accept applications from educators in the post-secondary system. 

When interested Faculty members complete the CEEF application process, CEEF compares the information provided with other applicants to identity possible exchange. When they find two that seem compatible, CEEF shares with each of the prospective exchangees information about the other.

The basic exchange program assumes that a Canadian educator will exchange his or her teaching position with an educator in another country or province for a period of one year. Canadian educators continue to be employed and paid by their home institutions. All benefits and seniority are retained.

Please note that to find suitable exchange matches, a number of factors are taken into consideration. For instance, if you have children, you would want to know if the person you are exchanging with has accommodations that are suitable for your needs.

Exchanges are required to trade residences or provide appropriate living accommodation for the incoming exchange partner. Both partners are asked to arrange for local community and institutional sponsors to greet the incoming exchangee and to act as advisors throughout the year.