Most FPSE members are members of the College Pension Plan. FPSE members who work as support staff in public institutions are members of the Municipal Pension Plan. Both plans are jointly trusteed, which means that unions appoint trustees to sit on the governing board. 

FPSE’s Pension Advisory Committee provides advice and information on pension-related issues.

Read FPSE's Transition to Retirement report on the workplace without mandatory retirement.

Planning for Retirement

FPSE members who are considering retirement have access to excellent advice and resources through the College Pension Plan. Check out the on-line personalized pension estimator or the purchase of service estimator.

Contact your local Pension Advisory Committee representative to find out about pre-retirement workshops offered by the College Pension Plan, FPSE, and ABCCPPR.

After Retirement

FPSE encourages members to join the Association of BC College Pension Plan Retirees (ABCCPPR).  

The BC Federation of Retired Union Members (BCFORUM) serves the needs of retired and active union members over the age of 50 throughout BC. BCFORUM allows members to renew their social network in the labour community, and enjoy savings in programs, services and products. Interested in joining?