Bill 36 changes everything

BC leg

Two weeks ago, the BC NDP government introduced Bill 36, allowing faculty union executive members to sit on their institution’s board. Despite opposition from the BC Liberals, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training Melanie Mark held firm. The bill passed after a week of debate, and is now in effect.

This is a huge victory for faculty in BC

We advocated for this change from the moment the new government came in, and now, thanks to Premier John Horgan and Minister Mark, this unfair, anti-union legislation is off the books. Faculty will no longer be denied professional opportunities because of their union activism, and post-secondary boards will be all the better for hearing their voices.

Our work isn’t done

This Saturday, we will vote in local government elections, and the provincial referendum on proportional representation. I urge you to participate in both of these important opportunities! By voting in the municipal election, you’ll have your voice heard on the issues that matter to you. Affordability, housing, and education are crucial issues and the mayor, council, and school board you elect will determine actions taken on each.

The 2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform is our chance to move to a voting system that works for people, one where 40 per cent of the vote means 40 per cent of the seats. In May, FPSE members voted to endorse proportional representation to make sure our votes count in every election.

Here’s how to participate:

Local Government Elections

  • Read up on candidates for city council, school board and / or park board
  • Your local labour council may have recommended candidates
  • Election day is Saturday October 20, 2018

 Proportional Representation Referendum

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote –check your status with Elections BC
  • This referendum is a mail-in ballot; voting packages will be mailed out starting October 22
  • Vote by mail as soon as you receive your ballot (FREE)

There will be two questions. You do not need to answer both questions. The first question asks if we should keep the current first past the post voting system or move to  proportional representation. We recommend voting to move to a system of proportional representation.

The second question asks voters to rank three proportional representation systems: Dual Member Proportional (DMP), Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), and Rural-Urban Proportional (RUP). You do not need to answer this question. We recommend any of these voting systems – you can read about the benefits of each system here.

I’ll be voting in both of these elections and I hope you’ll join me! Let’s use our voices (and votes!) to make our communities and province better for educators and their families.

In solidarity,

George Davison

About FPSE

The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC is the provincial voice for faculty and staff in BC teaching universities, colleges and institutes, and in private sector institutions. FPSE member locals, represented by Presidents' Council and the Executive, represent over 10,000 faculty and staff at 18 public and 12 private sector institutions.