The fund:

  • promotes international solidarity projects and actions that support disadvantaged people organizing to realize their basic human rights, projects informed by the values of equality, respect, human dignity and social justice;
  • supports the development of solidarity relationships that are appropriately enduring and stable;
  • promotes building relationships with others seeking to advance the basic human right to education;
  • promotes awareness of policies or institutions in economically advantaged countries like Canada and the US that foster human rights violations in other countries;
  • seeks to inform and enliven the work of our locals and our Federation by encouraging our members to work in the disadvantaged world and by supporting our partners there to represent their work at FPSE meetings and functions.  
  • considers project continuity and prior relationship with FPSE as a way of providing sustained support, ensuring a long-lasting, stable relationship.


The fund will support projects and actions in economically disadvantaged countries that:

  • advance human rights, educators' initiatives, workers' rights, labour organizations and community development;
  • have long-term scope and the potential to establish a long-standing funding relationship with FPSE;
  • advance the right to a publicly-funded education;
  • oppose neoliberal privatization and cuts in education;
  • allow individual FPSE members to work directly in support of human rights;
  • allow our partners in local communities to represent their work at FPSE meetings and functions;
  • collaborate with other labour organizations in BC and Canada for solidarity objectives;
  • are housed or originate within an FPSE local, or have a demonstrated, long-standing relationship with an FPSE local;
  • promote member education about social and economic conditions and popular efforts toward social justice;
  • promote and strengthen our members' abilities to teach about global justice issues;
  • advocate to ensure a role for Canada in meeting the objectives of the ISF.

The fund will also support projects and actions that increase awareness of policies or institutions that violate the human rights of people in economically disadvantaged countries; and assist people or organizations in economically disadvantaged regions in Canada or the US.

The fund will not support travel or admin.