The FPSE Labour Relations and Public Policy Advocacy Certificate Program (LRPPA) provides comprehensive skills development in critical areas of labour relations and post-secondary education advocacy through a series of courses. The program draws upon the expertise and skills of our union activists and staff, by using a collegial and interactive style. The LRPPA certificate will help build your capacity to speak out for post-secondary education and your faculty members.


Access to Courses

You can take advantage of the FPSE education program in one of the following ways:

Local Workshops

FPSE provides on-site workshops presented by our experienced Staff Representatives for individual locals upon request. The most popular workshops are Steward Training, Collective Bargaining and Effective Union Executives. Talk to your local executive about scheduling a workshop.


FPSE Standing Committees

FPSE conducts workshops and professional development events for our twelve Standing Committees. FPSE Standing Committees meet twice a year and have a representative from each local across the province. If you are a committee member, talk with your committee Chair about scheduling a workshop.


Spring Conference

A wide selection of workshops and educational opportunities are presented at the FPSE Spring Leadership Conference. The conference focuses on developing the skills and knowledge of the membership and activists.


FPSE AGM and Convention

FPSE always schedules a wide range of workshops and events for AGM delegates. Topics range from trends in post-secondary education, human rights, workplace safety, violence in the workplace, and government policy.