The FPSE Labour Relations and Public Advocacy Certificate is acquired by taking three core courses and three electives.

1.   Steward Training, Basic
2.   Collective Bargaining, Basic
3.   Job Action, Basic


Steward Training
This program is offered at two levels: basic and advanced. The FPSE Steward Training manual and course are designed to provide practical advice on the role of a union steward in general - as a leader, educator, communicator and representative - and specifically in the investigation, preparation and representation of grievances.

Effective Meetings 
The FPSE Effective Meeting manual and workshop are designed to assist member locals in planning for and conducting executive, committee and general membership meetings that are more effective and efficient. Topics include: meetings as an organizing tool; planning the meeting; the agenda; getting people to attend; role of the Chair.

Disability Management 
This course will provide faculty representatives, activists and committee members with the most current information on disability management issues as well as emerging trends in this critical subject area. 

Working with the Media 
Working with the media is a critical part of local communications work. This course will help FPSE Locals work effectively with local media on critical issues in your community and institution. 

Effective Political Action 
Change does not come about by itself. This course covers the basic steps of a political campaign - be it to influence an election or secure bargaining objectives, or to challenge a policy or initiative by the institution. This course outlines the basic elements in developing any campaign and details how those strategies and tactics can be used to achieve better outcomes at a local level.

Effective Union Executive 
This course is designed to help local executive members develop effective decision-making procedures that build member involvement at a local level. Topics include goal setting, legal authority, fiduciary duty, conflict of interest. 

The FPSE Layoffs course provides a review of legal rights and strategies to defend against layoffs and cope with those you could not stop. Topics include: strategies and alternatives to layoffs; layoff by seniority; layoff notices; bumping rights; severance pay; recall rights; employee counseling and other services; and more. 

This course will provide a guide to faculty representatives who serve on Institutional Boards, Educational Councils and Senates. The course will highlight important duties and responsibilities as well as encourage new members to participate in these functions. Collective bargaining This course is offered at two levels: basic and advanced. It provides a review of the bargaining process as well as strategies for achieving success at the bargaining table. 

Collegial Authority 
This course reviews some of the emerging issues that faculty face as Department Heads or Departmental Committee Members. It discusses the ways in which faculty can exercise their "collegial authority" with due care and balance their responsibilities in ways that avoid conflict. 

Job Action 
This program is offered at two levels: basic and advanced. It reviews the legal as well as strategic issues that need to be addressed when preparing for job action. 

Effective leadership at the local level plays a critical role in advocating for members. This course reviews the elements of leadership necessary to advocate effectively for your membership.

Member-to-Member Conflict 
Tensions in the workplace can often lead to serious labour relations problems. This course discusses how to deal with those conflicts and increase understanding and effective communication between members. 

Our skills as advocates can ultimately make an enormous difference in the outcomes we secure for members. This course focuses on skills building exercises to ensure better advocacy at the local level.